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My Palpitating Life (2014)

Role: Mi-ra
Directed by: E J-yong
Status: Filming in progress
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The Crossing (2014)

Role: Joo On-Boon
Directed by: John Woo
Status: Post Production
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That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)

Role: Oh Young
Directed by: Kim Kyu Tae
Status: Available on DVD
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The Grandmasters (2013)

Role: Cheung Wing-sing
Directed by: Wong Kar-wai
Status: Available on iTunes
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Hye Kyo's Time (2012)

Role: Author
Published by: Nangman Books
Status: Available for purchase
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Moment Song Hye Kyo (2011)

Role: Author
Published by: Nangman Books
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November 12, 2013   •  Category: Hye Kyo's Time, Translations0 Comments

This is one of my favorites from the book. It is just so real and raw…it touches my heartsmall-heart

Excerpt from Hye Kyo’s Time
“A lot more Tears”
Page 171


I always have a lot of tears. Ever since childhood, whenever I watched a documentary
about families or animals, tears would sprinkle down.
Even so, I was a kid who was fairly good at holding back tears.
I have always thought that I should not become weak. Because I am also responsible for myself,
and I take care of mom, too. There have been many times where I kept a strong mind and even in those
moments when I felt like crying, I did my best to be brave. But as time goes by, there are a lot more tears.

Now I have become a woman who knows how to cry
when I feel like crying.

Lately, there are times when things that did not bother me before, scenes I did not think of, and watching
people’s life stories, tears flow without reason. When that happens, I feel strange and also think that the
fact that you can cry in itself is precious. And I am grateful to have many people I can cry with.
Even while acting, being absorbed in crying scenes tend to be easier than laughing scenes.
Laughing naturally while acting is really difficult. ‘Ah, that person is really laughing’ –
it is difficult to convince viewers with a good enough laugh.
To not have those thoughts and to laugh naturally, shall more time have to pass?

Translated by: Shanda @

All original content is property of the author and publisher, Nangman Books

Purchase book | Learn more

November 9, 2013   •  Category: Dispatch, Events, Photos, The Little Black Jacket, Translations0 Comments


[Dispatch = Intern Reporter Kim Hye Won] Actress Song Hye Kyo showed off her incomparable beauty in Singapore.

Song Hye Kyo attended the Chanel The Little Black Jacket Photo Exhibition this past Friday, November 8th (Korea time). Singapore fashion representatives and fans flocked to the day’s event. Song Hye Kyo, who took part in The Little Black Jacket shined bright as the only Korean model present.

The spotlight by far was on Song Hye Kyo. She stood in front of her displayed photograph, which was then followed by a rush of local media interviews. On this same day, fashion director Shim Woo Chan, who accompanied her, conveyed his appreciation in just a few words: “She is marvelous.”

Her fashion was also eye-catching. She wore a gray tweed dress, while showing off elegant charm. The mini dress revealed her elegant legs. From here, the pearl necklace she donned created an alluring atmosphere.


Song Hye Kyo and Chanel’s relationship dates back to October of 2011. During that time, by the invitation of Karl Lagerfeld, she visited Paris, France. Afterwards, Song Hye Kyo, along with Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kirsten Dunst were among the 113 famous international stars selected as a model.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is currently filming Director John Woo’s new production, The Crossing in Beijing, China. She is expected to return home after filming is completed in mid January. Upon returning home, she will make her local (Korean) big screen comeback in the film, My Palpitating Life.

< Photo Credit='UAA' Representative Twitter>


Source: Dispatch
Translated by: Shanda @

November 8, 2013   •  Category: Events, Photos, The Little Black Jacket, Translations, Twitter/Instagram0 Comments

The Little Black Jacket Book & Exhibition by CHANEL made its final stop in Singapore, and our girl was a part of all the glitz, glamour, and fun! Read below for a quick snippet of the event from Senatus:

In an exclusive launch to the world’s most visited photography exhibition of 2012, which finally made its way to the shores of Singapore at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, celebrities, VIPs, guests and media were treated to an experience in which no expense was spared by the French luxury giant who is no stranger to the island having staged its Cruise 2014 here earlier in May.

The French hospitality ranged from invitations for international guests to stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, to chauffeured limousine rides home for the well-heeled.

Ms. Park also documented the event on Twitter with a few photos. As always, I translated Ms. Park’s captions, which are posted below each photo. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 3.32.20 PM

Song Actress at my birthday party after finishing Singapore Chanel LBJ ,,,


LBJ final exhibition ,,, Singapore 3 ,,, LBJ Bye bye ,,,

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 3.38.17 PM

LBJ final exhibition ,,, Singapore 2 ,,, It was truly a long journey ,,,

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 3.40.09 PM

LBJ final exhibiion ,,, Singapore ,,, Interview interview interview ,,, Been busy with filming and she came and disappeared with the wind ,

In addition, Mr. Shim also posted a photo on his own Twitter, but sadly, I cannot translate it because it is not in English OR Korean! icon_smileicon_sad. hehe!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 4.26.47 PM

-Edited- Here are more photos from the exhibition show. Credit as labeled via my friends at Soompi ~thank you!









November 8, 2013   •  Category: Fanzone0 Comments

We are off to a slow start with the submissions, but I am thankful for those who have participated and I look forward to receiving more!icon_biggrin

Caption It
Why Hye Kyo?

PS Please check out all the different sections of Fanzone and be sure to submit your own entries!

November 6, 2013   •  Category: Hye Kyo's Time, Translations0 Comments

Excerpt from Hye Kyo’s Time
“Reason I want to go Home”
Page 174

The reason I want to go home suddenly is truthfully
connected with food.

Since mom’s food is quite delicious, there are many times
when I really long for the taste of mom’s side dishes and kimchi.

Korean food is overwhelmingly my favorite taste,
so especially when I go out West (America and Europe),
every day is more difficult.

There are times I have the desire to want to slowly eat the simple
menu that mom prepares, like rice and soup and roasted seaweed with
kimchi, along with a couple of side dishes.

Home is where mom’s food is.

And also, my pretty siblings ( puppies) are at my home.

Translated by: Shanda @

All original content is property of the author and publisher, Nangman Books

Purchase book | Learn more

October 31, 2013   •  Category: News & Updates, Translations, Volunteer0 Comments


[TV Report= Reporter Kim Ji Hyun] Professor Seo Kyoung Duk, a Korean public relations specialist, continues to praise actress Song Hye Kyo’s hidden good deeds after all these years.

Professor Seo met with TV Report on October 29th stating, “Song Hye Kyo is truly a humble person. Every time I see her, she is down to earth, it surprises me. With her splendid beauty, her simple and honest personality seems charming. Even though she donates a large amount, she does not express it at all. Majority of stars do not express the truth about their donations, but Song Hye Kyo is an actress who solely gives no indication.”

(Read more about Song Hye Kyo’s most recent generous contribution and collaboration with Professor Seo here!)

Professor Seo also conveyed, “Song Hye Kyo chooses to do all of her good deeds quietly. As I share conversations with her, she does not seem like a celebrity at all, so there are times I am surprised. Even though she is a star, she turns all the balls to humility. I cannot say the amount, but what was contributed is greater than you think. I would rather applaud the good deed than disclose that fact. ”

Source: TV Report
Translated by: Shanda @

October 23, 2013   •  Category: News & Updates, Translations, Twitter/Instagram0 Comments

A photo of Song Hye from her daily life was revealed.

On October 23rd, a representative from Song Hye Kyo’s official agency, UAA, uploaded a photo to her SNS account showing actress Song Hye Kyo and stylist Han Hye Yeon’s closeness from their recent daily lives.

In the revealed photo, Song Hye Kyo and Han Hye Yeon wear oversized sunglasses as they pose with their faces close to each other. In particular, Song Hye Kyo still manages to attract attention in her everyday life even while being natural with her simple hairstyle topped off with a black scarf to complete a modest style.


Netizens who saw the candid photo from Song Hye Kyo’s daily life responded: “This is against the rules. Song Hye Kyo’s everyday beauty completely dominates,” “Song Hye Kyo is indeed a beauty,” “Because of Song Hye Kyo’s candid shot from her daily life, all the nation’s women are becoming squids,” “Seeing a snap shot from Song Hye Kyo’s daily life, it looks like her and Han Hye Yeon are close,” “Both Song Hye Kyo and Han Hye Yeon look good in the sunglasses,” etc.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is currently filming Director John Woo’s The Crossing and was cast in Director EJ -yong’s movie, My Palpitating Life, which is expected to begin filming in January of 2014.

Source: Newsen
Translated by: Shanda @

October 15, 2013   •  Category: My Palpitating Life, News & Updates, Translations0 Comments

[ ㅣ Reporter Sung Ji Yeon] Actress Song Hye Kyo (31) is confirmed to star in the movie, My Palpitating Life, which is slated to begin filming in 2014.

Song Hye Kyo’s agency, UAA, spoke with via telephone on the morning of October 15th stating, “Song Hye Kyo has confirmed her appearance in Director E J-yong’s new film.” The representative explained, “Song Hye Kyo has been wanting to work with Director E J-yong and more than anything else, she loved the scenario and that is how she came to her decision.”

“Presently, Song Hye Kyo is in China filming Director John Woo’s movie, The Crossing. My Palpitating Life will probably begin filming in the first half of 2014,” The representative also conveyed.

My Palpitating Life is based on author Kim Ae Ran’s original novel of the same name and paints the story of a son with progeria and his younger looking parents. In this movie, Song Hye Kyo is expected to attempt to transform her acting by portraying a mom whose son grows and progresses quicker than her due to progeria.

Song Hye Kyo, who wrapped up the SBS drama That Winter, The Wind Blows in April, received much praise and love from the audience for her more mature acting, and is already receiving much anticipation from fans for what is to be a complete transformation in her acting on the big screen.


Source: Sports Seoul
Translated by: Shanda @

October 15, 2013   •  Category: News & Updates, Translations0 Comments



Actor Lee Chang Hoon clarified the past rumor of a love relationship with Song Hye Kyo.

Actor Lee Chang Hoon appeared on C Channel’s Restoration where he begin by talking about his activities as an actor and the rumor of a romance with Song Hye Kyo.

He opened up about the relationship rumor involving his then co-star of SBS Soonpoong Clinic, Song Hye Kyo, who was like a close younger sibling.

Lee Chang Hoon conveyed, “The first time I saw Song Hye Kyo, she was 19 years old. When I first saw her, she was like a baby and I merely felt that she was like a kind-hearted younger sibling. Like brother and sister, we would ask about each other’s family and got along as siblings.

“There was a scandal [rumor], but when I see Song Hye Kyo now, I am only proud and happy. It’s good that a close friend who was once young like that is now doing really well. Even more important is that the actors who co-starred opposite me all became Hallyu-stars,” He said as he let out a huge laugh.

Netizens who heard about Lee Chang Hoon’s clarification of the rumor made various comments such as, “A long time ago, I enjoyed watching SoonPoong Clinic,” “Please meet in a good project,” and “This makes me think of Song Hye Kyo’s time on SoonPoong Clinic.”

Source: Hankooki
Translated by: Shanda @

October 14, 2013   •  Category: Dispatch, Harper's Bazaar, News & Updates, Translations0 Comments


[Dispatch = Reporter Mi Kyung] Actress Song Hye Kyo’s transformation process has been unveiled. Her appearance right before attending a charity party was shown. Her makeup-less face was pure and innocent. Once styling was complete, she was fresh and lively. Whether it was before or after transformation, she was South Korea’s actress representative of beauty.

On October 10th, a representative from Song Hye Kyo’s agency, UAA, uploaded several photos to her SNS account. Included in the photos was one of her before attending the 2013 11th Bazaar Star Charity Night held in Beijing. The photos were of her before makeup, after makeup, and after dressing up.

First, before transforming, she was innocent in itself. As Song Hye Kyo sat in the chair with her legs folded, she stared into the camera. Even without her hair done up or a manicure, her flawless transparent makeup-less face attracted attention.

What about after dressing up? For this day, Song Hye Kyo’s outfit of choice was a colorful floral printed mini dress. It was a sexy dress consisting of a sexy see-through mesh on the upper portion. Her choice was the reverse of innocence.

Her pose also stood out. As Song Hye Kyo linked arms with staff members, it showed their closeness. Her various expressions were also impressive. With her lips slightly protruding out, she was sassy. She also put forth her elegant trademark smile.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo attended that day’s Charity night event as the representative for Korea. She did so along with Shi Won of Super Junior.




Source: Dispatch
Translated by: Shanda @

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