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The Crossing (2014)

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That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)

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Hye Kyo's Time (2012)

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May 18, 2014   •  Category: Cannes, Events, News & Updates, The Crossing, Translations0 Comments


Actress Song Hye Kyo,who stars in the Chinese film, The Crossing, is garnering much attention for receiving high praise from her fellow co-stars.

Song Hye Kyo attended the press conference for the Chinese film, The Crossing, at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, France on May 17th at 4 PM.

On this day, she shared the stage with Director John Woo and other leading actors, including Zhang Ziyi and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Huang Xiaoming, who plays opposite Song Hye Kyo, said, “I first knew of Song Hye Kyo through Korean dramas and movies; she is a beautiful and wonderful actress. She did her best on the filming site, so working together was easy.”

Afterwards Song Hye Kyo stated, “As a partner, Huang Xiaoming has really good manners and even when I saw him for the first time, it felt like he was a long-time friend who treated me kindly.”

“Even though I saw him all the time during filming, I meet him occasionally at movie promotions and he always welcomes me kindly. I hope to see him again in a good project.”

Netizens responded to Huang Xiaoming’s praise of Song Hye Kyo with a variety of comments, such as: “Huang Xiaoming-Song Hye Kyo praise, it’s heartwarming,””Huang Xiaoming-Song Hye Kyo praise, wherever it is, please do well,” and “Huang Xiaoming-Song Hye Kyo praise, So they went to Cannes with a Chinese movie.”

The Crossing is expected to be released this upcoming November.

Source: Hankooki
Translated by: Shanda @

May 18, 2014   •  Category: Cannes, Events, News & Updates, The Crossing, Translations0 Comments


Actress Song Hye Kyo expressed her gratitude to Director John Woo.

On the afternoon of May 17th in Cannes, France at the Majestic Hotel where the press conference for the film The Crossing was held, Song Hye Kyo said, “Director John Woo is is like a father.”

On this day, she also stated: “Since Director John Woo has been like a father to me since the beginning, while filming I have never felt perplexed [puzzled] as he explains the scenario diligently and teaches acting well, so I never knew any difficulties and filmed well.”

“Even so, since I am a foreigner in China, when I first started filming, there were times I had a lot of awkwardness or couldn’t adapt. I had superb actors on my side who helped me, as well as staff members who helped me to be comfortable while acting, so with their help, it doesn’t seem like I had that much difficulties while acting.”

Source: Osen via Chosun
Translated by: Shanda @

May 17, 2014   •  Category: Cannes, Events, News & Updates, Photos, The Crossing0 Comments


Click on each thumbnail, hover over each photo, and click on the ‘Download Image’ link

Source: As labeled

May 14, 2014   •  Category: Cannes, News & Updates, The Crossing, Translations0 Comments

The Chinese film, The Crossing (Director John Woo), starring Song Hye Kyo, will hold a press conference at the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival and fans have their eyes and ears focused on whether or not she will be attending.

A representative from Song Hye Kyo’s management company, UAA, spoke with on May 13th, stating, It is correct that the film The Crossing will have a press conference in Cannes, but Song Hye Kyo’s attendance is not certain.” The representative further explained, “The schedule is being coordinated. We are waiting for an answer from the film studio’s side. At the present time, she also has a project in the middle of filming, so we have to be cautious.”

Earlier on May 12th, an official from The Crossing posted on their official Weibo account that the press conference is scheduled for May 17 at 3 PM at the 67th Cannes Film Festival.

The Crossing is expected to be released this upcoming November in China.


Translated by: Shanda

May 1, 2014   •  Category: News & Updates, Photos0 Comments

Can you spot our girl?icon_biggrin


Source: Song Hye Kyo DC Gallery

April 29, 2014   •  Category: News & Updates, The Crossing, Translations0 Comments


With Director John Woo’s The Crossing in hand, actress Song Hye Kyo (32) will be visiting Cannes Film Festival this year.

According to multiple film officials on April 29th, Song Hye Kyo, along with Director John Woo and Zhang Ziyi, will attend the promotional event for The Crossing at Cannes Film Festival, which takes place next month from the 16th to 23rd. It has been 7 years since Song Hye Kyo made her appearance in Cannes at a surprise press conference for The Crossing in 2008.

The Crossing recently wrapped up filming and held a press conference this month on the 16th in Beijing. Song Hye Kyo will meet with officials at Cannes and plans to continue promoting the film on schedule.

Song Hye Kyo has a deep connection to Cannes. She made a surprise appearance at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival while attending a press conference for The Crossing [which was then called 1949], and afterwards caught the attention of Cannes with Director Lee Jung Hyang’s Today and Director Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster. However, this will be her first time to officially attend.

On this day, a representative from Song Hye Kyo’s management company, UAA, spoke with, explaining, “Song Hye Kyo will visit Cannes for all events related to The Crossing. We are in discussion with the Chinese production company and although the exact schedule is not out yet, it looks to be out in about a week. She is expected to open the press conference with Director John Woo and Zhang Ziyi.”

Starring Song Hye Kyo, along with Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen, and Takeshi Kaneshiro, The Crossing is scheduled to premiere in November.

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver
Translated by: Shanda @

April 25, 2014   •  Category: J. Estina, Photos, Uncategorized0 Comments

Just a quick update with a new pic from J. Estina from their Official Site.

Source: As stated above

April 21, 2014   •  Category: News & Updates, Translations0 Comments



It has been belatedly reported that actors, Song Hye Kyo, Kang Dong Won, and Yoo Ah In, of the management company, UAA, sent relief aid to family members of the missing passengers from the submerged Sewol who have been waiting in Jindo.

On April 21st, an UAA representative stated: “On April 18th, the actors got together and sent relief aid. Not wanting to make it a scene, the actors and management company followed their own thoughts and made the donation in affiliation with the name of the management company.”

The news of UAA actors’ donation was first revealed through an online community. As the atmosphere of the whole nation is heartbroken, the company’s representative was cautious in sharing the news.

“With heavy hearts, the actors said they wanted to provide some help and made a donation. Because we never had the intention of announcing it since the beginning, we have to be cautious of what is true,” The representative explained.

It is said that UAA, through the name of the company, has passed along blankets, bedding, toiletries, and other necessities needed by families of the missing at the scene.

In addition to Song Hye Kyo, Kang Dong Won, and Yoo ah In, other celebrities have also personally aided in relief work, including: actor Jung Dong Nam, comedian Kim Jung Gu, actors, Park In Young, Song Seung Hun, On Ju Wan, baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin, and British singer Connie Talbot. Idol fan clubs of such groups as Exo, Big Bang, Super Junior, Beast, Infinite, and VIXX have also made donations in the name of the stars.

Source: Tenasia, Star News m
Translated by: Shanda @

April 18, 2014   •  Category: Events, News & Updates, Photos, The Crossing0 Comments

Just wanted to give a quick update – there are now 101 photos of Kyo at The Crossing press conference and red carpet in Beijing. Again, I want to thank my sweet friends at Soompi for collecting and uploading the photos.


April 16, 2014   •  Category: Dispatch, News & Updates, Photos, The Crossing, Translations0 Comments


Song Hye Kyo is an actress who enjoys a challenge. She has ventured through the likes of internationally co-produced films and independent films. She has created diverse characters on the small screen. She is no longer just a star because now she is called an actress.

Her challenges continue in 2014. The first challenge is the Chinese film, The Crossing. In the film, she endures all kinds of trials and lives a woman’s life of changes. 100% of her lines are in Chinese. Compared to the local actors, she needed to put in twice the effort.

Even so, she never thought twice about her decision, and that is because of Director John Woo.

On April 16th (local time) at 2 PM, Song Hye Kyo attended the press conference for The Crossing at the Beijing Hotel. We were able to listen to her feelings and hear about the positive changes from The Crossing. Actress Song Hye Kyo’s spectrum has once again widened.


◆ “Why did she choose The Crossing?”

Last year March. Song Hye Kyo once again showed underlying strength on the small screen. As she lead the success of the drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows and by the combination of both acting and the show being a successful hit, she received the respect of an actress. Being recognized as an actress from a star was just one of the beginnings.

Naturally, various love calls came pouring in. However, Song Hye Kyo’s move was unexpected. She did not immerse herself in CFs or even hurry to determine her next Korean project. She left for China for Director John Woo’s film, The Crossing.

Song Hye Kyo explained her reason for starring in The Crossing: “As an actress, the decision was natural. Since childhood, I grew up watching Director John Woo’s films. Being able to work with a director whom I think of as an idol is simply an honor.”


◆ “What did you gain from The Crossing?”

As an actress, it is not an opportunity you can miss, but it is also not an easy road. As the lead, Song Hye Kyo held a lot of weight and had to digest 100% of her lines in Chinese. Furthermore, the amplitude of her character is high. Her character, a daughter of a noble family, undergoes many ordeals with war. The key point was the expression of the character’s mental changes.

“The agony of how to express the emotional distress of a woman who grew up wealthy was big. In particular, the scene where she gets separated from her husband (Huang Xiaoming) was difficult. I had to be hysterical and incorporate sadness, while also showing strength; it was difficult,” Song Hye Kyo confided.

There were also physical difficulties. One of them was the storm scene where she felt the limits of her physical strength. “That was filmed in Taiwan. Including me, there were 3 other actors who filmed the storm scene. It seems there was a lot of tension. As the weather was cold and we were drenched with rain, and we had to film until dawn, it was physically demanding,” She said.

Ironically, for an actor, the more difficulties collected equate to the higher the sense of accomplishment. Song Hye Kyo stated, “Chinese lines are difficult, but every time I finished a scene, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I also enjoyed working with the other actors. Everyone has nice manners and I was able to act [perform] comfortably.”


◆ “Even for John Woo, Song Hye Kyo is a Compassionate Actor”

Every time Song Hye Kyo felt a sense of accomplishment, Director John Woo’s sense of satisfaction increased. He made a comment that she understood her character 100% and showed flawless acting. He said, “In every cut, Song Hye Kyo accurately captured the emotions. She has a strong point of self-regulating the character’s personality, emotions, and changes, etc.”

She even received the praise of being able to accurately convey the character’s personal message. “Song Hye Kyo’s role is that of a character who courageously changes as she undergoes hardships. Through Song Hye Kyo, I wanted to show the process of becoming tough for women as they go through war. Song Hye Kyo expressed it well,” Director John Woo explained.

The praise for Song Hye Kyo didn’t stop here. “Song Hye Kyo is a wise actress whose intelligent is beyond that. I really like and appreciate her. Don’t all directors wish to work with great actors like this?”




Source: Dispatch
Translated by: Shanda @

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