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My Palpitating Life (2014)

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The Crossing (2014)

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That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)

Role: Oh Young
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The Grandmasters (2013)

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Hye Kyo's Time (2012)

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Moment Song Hye Kyo (2011)

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April 16, 2014   •  Category: Dispatch, News & Updates, Photos, The Crossing, Translations0 Comments


Song Hye Kyo is an actress who enjoys a challenge. She has ventured through the likes of internationally co-produced films and independent films. She has created diverse characters on the small screen. She is no longer just a star because now she is called an actress.

Her challenges continue in 2014. The first challenge is the Chinese film, The Crossing. In the film, she endures all kinds of trials and lives a woman’s life of changes. 100% of her lines are in Chinese. Compared to the local actors, she needed to put in twice the effort.

Even so, she never thought twice about her decision, and that is because of Director John Woo.

On April 16th (local time) at 2 PM, Song Hye Kyo attended the press conference for The Crossing at the Beijing Hotel. We were able to listen to her feelings and hear about the positive changes from The Crossing. Actress Song Hye Kyo’s spectrum has once again widened.


◆ “Why did she choose The Crossing?”

Last year March. Song Hye Kyo once again showed underlying strength on the small screen. As she lead the success of the drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows and by the combination of both acting and the show being a successful hit, she received the respect of an actress. Being recognized as an actress from a star was just one of the beginnings.

Naturally, various love calls came pouring in. However, Song Hye Kyo’s move was unexpected. She did not immerse herself in CFs or even hurry to determine her next Korean project. She left for China for Director John Woo’s film, The Crossing.

Song Hye Kyo explained her reason for starring in The Crossing: “As an actress, the decision was natural. Since childhood, I grew up watching Director John Woo’s films. Being able to work with a director whom I think of as an idol is simply an honor.”


◆ “What did you gain from The Crossing?”

As an actress, it is not an opportunity you can miss, but it is also not an easy road. As the lead, Song Hye Kyo held a lot of weight and had to digest 100% of her lines in Chinese. Furthermore, the amplitude of her character is high. Her character, a daughter of a noble family, undergoes many ordeals with war. The key point was the expression of the character’s mental changes.

“The agony of how to express the emotional distress of a woman who grew up wealthy was big. In particular, the scene where she gets separated from her husband (Huang Xiaoming) was difficult. I had to be hysterical and incorporate sadness, while also showing strength; it was difficult,” Song Hye Kyo confided.

There were also physical difficulties. One of them was the storm scene where she felt the limits of her physical strength. “That was filmed in Taiwan. Including me, there were 3 other actors who filmed the storm scene. It seems there was a lot of tension. As the weather was cold and we were drenched with rain, and we had to film until dawn, it was physically demanding,” She said.

Ironically, for an actor, the more difficulties collected equate to the higher the sense of accomplishment. Song Hye Kyo stated, “Chinese lines are difficult, but every time I finished a scene, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I also enjoyed working with the other actors. Everyone has nice manners and I was able to act [perform] comfortably.”


◆ “Even for John Woo, Song Hye Kyo is a Compassionate Actor”

Every time Song Hye Kyo felt a sense of accomplishment, Director John Woo’s sense of satisfaction increased. He made a comment that she understood her character 100% and showed flawless acting. He said, “In every cut, Song Hye Kyo accurately captured the emotions. She has a strong point of self-regulating the character’s personality, emotions, and changes, etc.”

She even received the praise of being able to accurately convey the character’s personal message. “Song Hye Kyo’s role is that of a character who courageously changes as she undergoes hardships. Through Song Hye Kyo, I wanted to show the process of becoming tough for women as they go through war. Song Hye Kyo expressed it well,” Director John Woo explained.

The praise for Song Hye Kyo didn’t stop here. “Song Hye Kyo is a wise actress whose intelligent is beyond that. I really like and appreciate her. Don’t all directors wish to work with great actors like this?”




Source: Dispatch
Translated by: Shanda @

April 16, 2014   •  Category: Events, News & Updates, Photos, The Crossing0 Comments

Wow, just stunning! I am quite speechless by her black gown made by famous British designer, Jenny Packham, who famously collaborates with another stunning beauty, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton). I will continue to upload photos to the Photo Gallery as they come in. As always, in the Gallery, be sure to click on each thumbnail, hover over each photo, and click on the ‘Download Image’ link.


Source: As labeled, and to my friends at Soompi

April 15, 2014   •  Category: Dispatch, News & Updates, Photos, The Crossing, Translations0 Comments


Actress Song Hye Kyo arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport. She is in China for a press conference of her movie, The Crossing.

Song Hye Kyo’s natural beauty overwhelms any continent. On this day, Song Hye Kyo’s makeup-less face was slightly covered by sunglasses. Part of her elegant features is her blemish-free skin that was more than enough to capture attention.

Her non-sponsored airport fashion could also be seen. Song Hye Kyo showed off her airport style by wearing 100% of her own clothes. The majority of celebrities are different and wear sponsored clothes to the airport.


Her chic charm stood out. She matched a cream knit top with denim shorts. The loose fitting top covering her bottom revealed her slender legs. From here, the brown color of the boots unified the atmosphere.

Fancy, colorful accessories were excluded. Instead, a long necklace soothed the boredom. Boeing sunglasses finished it off. Wide frames were enough to cover a small face. It was even effective to hide a makeup-less face.

Song Hye Kyo starred in Director John Woo’s new production, The Crossing. She plays the daughter of a noble family in the 1930s of a turbulent period. Also starring are Zhang Zi-yi, Chang Chen, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and other top stars from Greater China.




Source: Dispatch
Translated by: Shanda @

April 15, 2014   •  Category: News & Updates, Photos, Translations0 Comments


Actress Song Hye Kyo departed to China for The Crossing press conference.

On April 15th, Song Hye Kyo boarded a flight to Beijing, China from Gimpo Airport. According to the Chinese production company, Song Hye Kyo will attend a press conference for The Crossing on April 16th, 1 PM at the Beijing Hotel.

All of the leading actors of Director John Woo’s The Crossing, Song Hye Kyo, Zhang Zi-Yi, Chang Chen, and Takeshi Kaneshiro, are expected to attend that day’s event.

Meanwhile, The Grandmaster, starring Song Hye Kyo, has rose in nominations at the 4th Beijing International Film Festival, which begins on the same day as the press conference for The Crossing, April 16th, and concludes on the 23rd.

Source: wtarnews
Translated by: Shanda @






April 7, 2014   •  Category: News & Updates, Photos0 Comments

This is absolutely adorable – our girl’s very own time machine! It must be a clipping out of a magazine. Thanks to the original poster, uploader/scanner, etc. Below are the captions that went along with each picture. Enjoy!

*Click to enlarge.


1- This was Hye Kyo at 4 years old. Hye Kyo took a picture with her older cousin while visiting a park with family. Isn’t seeing her wearing red overalls unusual?

2- Hye Kyo’s grandmother lived in Daegu. When she was 4 years old, she, along with her family, visited there. Doesn’t she match well with the striped shirt?

3- Wow~ looks so much like a princess. Wearing a dress bought by her mother and propping one arm up. Am I pretty?

4- Hye Kyo loves Korea. See, look. She has her mouth wide opened and now she sings the Korean national anthem [Spreading the love of her country]

5- Congratulations Hye Kyo for graduating kindergarten! The little boy in the back had a crush on Hye Kyo.

6- Let’s go to the future! A picture of Hye Kyo with one of her favorites, Park Shin Yang Oppa. Don’t we match well together?

Source: Song Hye Kyo DC Gallery
Translated by: Shanda @

April 3, 2014   •  Category: CF, News & Updates, Photos, Sony A50000 Comments




Click on each thumbnail, hover over each photo, and click on the ‘Download Image’ link

Source: Song Hye Kyo DC Gallery via Naver Blog

February 14, 2014   •  Category: J. Estina, News & Updates, Photos0 Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day!


*Click to enlarge

Source: J. Estina Official Facebook

February 12, 2014   •  Category: J. Estina, Photos0 Comments

I replaced the previously posted low quality photos with new ones. Thanks to hcclover96 @ soompi for originally posting them.



January 29, 2014   •  Category: CF, J. Estina, Photos0 Comments

I’m sure there will be high quality versions of these released soon, but in the meantime, we can enjoy these!Click on each thumbnail, hover over each photo, and click on the ‘Download Image’ link


Source: DC Gallery

January 29, 2014   •  Category: CF, Laneige, Photos0 Comments

Here are the new Laneige photos featured in the newest edition of Aritaum (a free magazine!).


I’ve also created a single new folder for Aritaum in the Photo Gallery. I still need to add all of the past ones from over the years though.


Source: DC Gallery, Aritaum Official

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