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My Palpitating Life (2014)

Role: Mi-ra
Directed by: E J-yong
Status: Filming completed, to be released Fall 2014
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I am Queen (2014)

Role: Annie
Directed by: Annie Yi
Status: Filming completed
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The Crossing (2014)

Role: Joo On-Boon
Directed by: John Woo
Status: Post Production
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That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)

Role: Oh Young
Directed by: Kim Kyu Tae
Status: Available on DVD
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The Grandmasters (2013)

Role: Cheung Wing-sing
Directed by: Wong Kar-wai
Status: Available on iTunes
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Hye Kyo's Time (2012)

Role: Author
Published by: Nangman Books
Status: Available for purchase
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Moment Song Hye Kyo (2011)

Role: Author
Published by: Nangman Books
Status: Available for purchase
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July 14, 2014   •  Category: My Palpitating Life, Photos0 Comments

Finally, stills from Kyo and Kang Dong Won’s film, My Palpitating Life! Looks like a sure hit!!

movie_image (7)movie_image (9)movie_image (3)

Source: Naver Films

July 9, 2014   •  Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.45.48 PM

Turkey. Istanbul. In an alley. One pic of us while walking diligently to eat dinner ,,,

* Click below for full size of image!


Source: Twitter
Translated by: Shanda @

Miss Park posted the following picture and caption on her Twitter account!icon_biggrin

Actress Song, who has been digesting several schedules while in the final stage of filming a movie,,,And the Shanghai Dior Exhibition ends,,,


Source: Miss Park’s Twitter

June 20, 2014   •  Category: Events, Miss Dior Exhibition, News & Updates, Photos0 Comments


Actress Song Hye Kyo emerged in China representing Korea at the Miss Dior Exhibition.

Song Hye Kyo, along with Natalie Portman, Zhang Zi-Yi, NiNi, Angela Baby, and other beauty stars from both in and out of China came out to the opening of the event on June 19th.

Representative beauties from Korea, China, and the United States all gathered together bringing about hot coverage.

In particular, local reporters were in fierce competition as they raced to the front for Song Hye Kyo, who has been expanding her activities in the area by working consecutively on such works as The Grandmaster, The Crossing, and I am Queen.

Even at the photo wall on this day, the spotlight poured heavily towards Song Hye Kyo.

After photo time was complete, media from various countries held their microphones in front of Song Hye Kyo giving proof of her hot popularity.

Meanwhile, on June 14th, Song Hye Kyo as a representative of Asian actors, declared the opening of the 17th Annual Shanghai Film Festival, and while doing so, raised the bar of Korean actors.

Source: TV Report
Translated by: Shanda @ Songhyegyonet

June 20, 2014   •  Category: Events, Miss Dior Exhibition, News & Updates, Photos0 Comments


Actresses Song Hye Kyo and Natalie Portman, the beauties of the east and west, are garnering attention.

On June 19th, the fashion magazine, Bazaar China, published a photo of Song Hye Kyo and Natalie Portman together.

In the photo, Natalie Portman is dressed in pure white emitting her stunning beauty. In contrast to her, Song Hye Kyo captivated attention by wearing an indescribable black dress that radiated her alluring beauty.

On this day, they both attended the Miss Dior Exhibition in Shanghai.

Netizens responded with such comments as, “Eastern and western beauties,” “Natalie Portman is also pretty, but Song Hye Kyo is prettier,” “Only Song Hye Kyo catches my eyes,” “[Song Hye Kyo] made Natalie Portman look not pretty.”

Source: My Daily
Translated by: Shanda @

June 19, 2014   •  Category: Events, Miss Dior Exhibition, Photos0 Comments



Click on each thumbnail, hover over each photo, and click on the ‘Download Image’ link.

Source: As labeled via Song Hye Kyo Soompi Thread

June 18, 2014   •  Category: Photos0 Comments


Source: Baidu via Song Hye Kyo Soompi Thread

June 18, 2014   •  Category: News & Updates, Photos, Translations, Twitter/Instagram0 Comments

I was just browsing Instagram and found two childhood photos of Kyo posted by none other than the person in the photo herself! How cute – the both of them!icon_biggrin

I was bored and I was looking through a photo album, I stumbled upon pictures of a goddess unnie. As expected, ever since childhood, this unnie’s extraordinary beauty class is novelty.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 7.17.54 PM

Source: As labeled via instagram

June 18, 2014   •  Category: Events, I am Queen, News & Updates, Photos, Translations0 Comments


A photo of Taiwanese actor Joe Cheng with Song Hye Kyo in Shanghai has been revealed. On June 16th, Joe Cheng uploaded a photo with Song Hye Kyo on his Weibo tagging her as ‘Annie,’ her character in the movie, I am Queen.

Song Hye Kyo attended a press conference for her movie, I am Queen in Shanghai on June 15th. Among those who also attended were Director Annie Yi and Tony Yang. Song Hye Kyo wore a gorgeous flower print dress and with her elegant hair, she boasted of femininity.

Prior to the I am Queen press conference, she attended the 17th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival Opening Ceremony. On this day, Song Hye Kyo, along with Jackie Chan attracted attention by declaring the opening.

I am Queen is a romantic comedy about four women who find love through different methods. With her beauty and talent, Song Hye Kyo stars as Annie.

Translated by: Shanda @



View and download more photos here!

June 16, 2014   •  Category: Events, I am Queen, News & Updates, Photos0 Comments



Bonus: Behind-the-scenes


Click on each thumbnail, hover over each photo, and click on the ‘Download Image’ link.

Source: As labeled via Song Hye Kyo Soompi Thread and SHK DC Gallery

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